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Steelers on the Hunt for New Quarterback

Steelers on the Hunt for New Quarterback

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Mike Tomlin has to find a replacement for Ben Roethlisberger.

Ben Roethlisberger, the current quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, has recently been making motions that he’s planning on getting out of the game, with one such notable example being calling his career “an honor,” and that he’s “looking forward” to what’s coming next. While he hasn’t made any official declarations, should Roethlisberger walk, it would leave the team without a star quarterback. This means that, before Roethlisberger leaves, the Steelers need a new QB packed and ready to go.

The team’s head coach, Mike Tomlin, is planning on launching an all-encompassing search for the next big Steelers star. “I’m excited about that — that challenge,” he during the annual season wrap-up Tuesday. “Those of us that are competitors are. It’s a challenge, man. It kind of makes you uneasy. But I’ve learned to run to those challenges. I’ve learned to appreciate those challenges. The uncertainty surrounding them is inspiring to me in terms of producing work.”

As for where he’s looking, absolutely everything is an option, from free agents to trades to drafts. “All options are on the table,” Tomlin said. “I enjoy working with [general manager] Kevin [Colbert] this time of year because we speak plain English. We have to improve our football team. There’s two major ways you do it. You do it to free agency, and you do it through the draft. We have to look at what’s available to us in the draft positionally. And we have to look at what’s available to us, potentially, in free agency, positionally, and then we kind of bring those two discussions together. And it kind of gives us a path in which to go about addressing our needs.”

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