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Rams Defeat Buccaneers in Playoffs

Rams Defeat Buccaneers in Playoffs

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The Rams are headed to the NFC Championship game.

As even a casual NFL fan will tell you, you always bet on the Brady. No matter what team he’s on, when it’s a big game, the expected outcome is for Tom Brady’s team to take it home. That was the assumption for a good portion of Sunday night’s battle between the Los Angeles Rams and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Up to the third quarter, the Rams were losing with four fumbles against them.

However, in a stunning upset, Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, with the wind on his back and a fire in his heart, stormed down the field for a 63-yard drive to set up a last-minute touchdown for the Rams that landed them a 30-27 victory.

“In my mind, I live for those kind of moments,” Stafford said after the game. “I would have loved to have been taking a knee up three scores, but it’s a whole lot more fun when you’ve got to make a play like that to win the game and just steal somebody’s soul. That’s what it feels like sometimes where they’re sitting there going, ‘Man, we just had this great comeback.’ And you get to reach in there and take it from them. That’s a whole lot of fun.”

“That’s why you play four quarters and try to finish that game out,” Rams coach Sean McVay said. “That was something else. That was something else.”

Thanks to this Brady-busting victory, the Rams are now on their way to SoFi Stadium for next Sunday’s bout against the San Francisco 49ers for the NFC Championship title.

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