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Trent Williams to Return to 49ers Before Sunday

Trent Williams to Return to 49ers Before Sunday

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The left tackle will be back in the game in time for Sunday Night Football.

For this weekend’s Sunday Night Football, the San Francisco 49ers have an NFC wildcard match against the Dallas Cowboys. While the 49ers are no pushovers, they’ve been missing an important part of their lineup: their left tackle, Trent Williams. Williams has been out of commission for several weeks due to a sprained right elbow, and his presence would definitely be missed at Sunday’s game.

However, in a stroke of good fortune, Williams made a return to the 49ers’ practice on Thursday, and he seems to be in much better shape. Currently, he’s only listed as a “limited participant” for Sunday’s game, but it seems likely that he should be able to play in full capacity by then.

“The elbow is doing good,” Williams told ESPN. “It’s made a lot of improvement over the last week or so. I practiced today. I felt pretty good.”

Williams is in good standing, especially compared to last week when it was uncertain whether he would recover in time to join his team against the Los Angeles Rams. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in playing shape by last Sunday, and was forced to miss the game.

“I knew going last week was a bit of a shot in the dark,” Williams said. “Obviously with the season being where it was, I couldn’t give up on myself early in the week so I just thought I’d give it to the very last second to see if I could make any breakthroughs or get any better to see if I could push through it. I did that and it didn’t work but we kind of knew that though. We knew that one week of rest was probably not enough and I just prayed we could get a second week in and we were able to.”

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