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Ye Buys House Across from Kim Kardashian

Ye Buys House Across from Kim Kardashian

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Ye isn’t giving up on Kim just yet.

Kim Kardashian is currently in the midst of a messy divorce from her soon-to-be ex-husband Ye, formerly known as Kanye West. Kardashian has made clear that she has no interest in salvaging their relationship, and has even gone as far as to request courts officially declare her single without Ye’s signature, since he has apparently been dragging his feet on the matter. Ye has been repeatedly asking Kardashian to take him back, and his latest move all but ensures he’ll always be within her line of sight, if not her immediate proximity.

According to luxury real estate publication Dirt, Ye has allegedly purchased a $4.5 million home in the wealthy Los Angeles neighborhood of Hidden Hills. This purchase comes only a few months after Ye sold off his previous home in the same community. What makes this purchase newsworthy is the fact that the home in question is directly across the street from Kardashian’s current address.

According to the report, Ye paid roughly $421,000 over the house’s initial asking price, presumably so he wouldn’t be outbid for it. This shows just how desperate he was to obtain the property and remain within Kardashian’s proximity. As mentioned, Ye hasn’t been subtle with his efforts to reunite with Kardashian and their kids, even going so far as to rap about it during a show on December 9. Kardashian has already established a relationship with Pete Davidson, however, so it is unlikely she will, in Ye’s words, “run right back” to him.

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