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Trailer Released for New Jon Stewart Show

Trailer Released for New Jon Stewart Show

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Jon Stewart’s back, and he’s got problems.

Jon Stewart is one of the most well-known names in modern talk TV. His tenure on The Daily Show is still fondly remembered to this day, as are his numerous poignant and humorous monologues. Stewart earned 22 Emmys for his time with Comedy Central before handing the reins over to Trevor Noah, and has been quietly contemplating new show ideas ever since. At the end of the month, his first entirely original show will make its way to Apple TV+ to take a swing at solving the world’s problems.

The Problem with Jon Stewart is Stewart’s new talk show set to premier on September 30 exclusively for Apple TV+ subscribers. Each episode of the show will tackle a single “problem,” or a major societal issue such as poverty or healthcare. While Stewart’s natural charisma will likely bring its share of laughs, he is hoping that The Problem will also bring its fair share of serious moments, intended to make its viewers contemplate the state of the world.

“I got burnt out on the pace of The Daily Show and also just my inability to evolve it to another satisfying place,” Stewart told The Hollywood Reporter. “I knew that I could play out the string, but that didn’t feel particularly satisfying for me or for the audience, and wouldn’t it be nice to give people a chance to fall in love with the show again in a different way? And then of course get disappointed with it in a different way because that’s the cycle.”

According to Stewart, the model of the show will be easier to run than The Daily Show, focusing more on casual sit-downs than on-location interviews. “It’s not what the correspondents had to go through. I’m not plopped into, like, a parade of people against vaccines, and then I just got to fight my way out to the side,” he explained. “No, it’s a quite gentlemanly one-on-one. So far, there’s no fisticuffs, and any interview that doesn’t end in fisticuffs has to be considered a positive.”

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