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Tiger Woods Reminisces About Last Year’s Masters Win

Tiger Woods Reminisces About Last Year’s Masters Win

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The stoic golf champ showed a spot of genuine emotion.

Tiger Woods is known for many things; his prodigious skill in golf and his somewhat rocky personal life, to name a couple of things. But despite these major accomplishments, he’s never been known for being an especially passionate man, at least not in public. But during a press conference he held on Tuesday, onlookers got a rare glimpse behind the mask as Woods became misty-eyed during a recollection of last year’s Masters game.

“I’m still getting chills just thinking about it,” Woods said.

Later that day, Woods hosted the Champions Dinner, where he was still feeling a bit wistful. In a brief interview with NBC Sports’ Golf Channel, Woods reminisced about his victory of the 2019 Masters, his 15th major championship win, and what it meant for him not just as an athlete, but as a father.

“To come full circle as a father and have my son jump into my arms, it means so much to me,” he admitted.

Other players are the dinner were surprised by Woods’ show of emotion. Six-time Masters winner Jack Nicklaus said that the Champions dinner was more intimate than usual due to the reduced attendance mandated by the COVID pandemic.

“Tiger was very emotional. I’ve never seen Tiger that way,” Nicklaus said.

“[Woods] said he was on the way to the golf course and he had to stop because he had tears in his eyes,” fellow champion golfer Gary Player added, “and paused for a little while on the road because a lot of memories were going through his mind very quickly, to have won the tournament again with his children there.”

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