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Washington Nationals Invite Biden to Throw a Pitch

Washington Nationals Invite Biden to Throw a Pitch

Credit: Unsplash

The Nats are already cozying up to the President-Elect.

So, the votes have been counting and the projections made, and it looks like Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States of America. There’s already been dancing in the street all over the country, and several foreign leaders have already publicly congratulated Biden on his victory. And if I’ve learned anything from watching athletes in the Olympics, it’s that after you win a big contest, everyone wants to be seen with you for a little while.

The Washington, D.C. MLB team, the Washington Nationals, posted to their team Twitter today to congratulate Biden on his campaign victory and, more to the point, invite him to throw the first pitch come opening day 2021 (assuming things can return to some semblance of normal by then).

“We’re excited to continue the long-standing tradition of sitting Presidents throwing out the first pitch at the home of the national pastime in our nation’s capital,” the team’s post said, alongside a pleasant photo of Biden with his wife Jill at Nationals Park from back when he was Vice President to Barrack Obama.

This would actually be the second opening pitch Biden will throw in his life; the first was back in 2009 at Camden Yards in Baltimore, right after he and Obama had been elected for the first time. Every sitting US President has thrown an opening pitch for the Nationals for as long as Major League Baseball has been a thing, with the exception of Donald Trump. When the 2020 season started, such as it was given the pandemic, the candidate for opening pitch was actually Dr. Anthony Fauci, as commemoration for his efforts to fight the disease. President Trump then swiftly insisted he’d be throwing an opening pitch at a Yankees game, though the Yankees quickly clarified that there had been no such arrangement.

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