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Joseph Quinn Detained by Customs Ahead of ‘The Tonight Show’ Appearance

Joseph Quinn Detained by Customs Ahead of ‘The Tonight Show’ Appearance

Credit: Unsplash

The Stranger Things star was not immediately recognized by the customs agent.

Last night, British actor Joseph Quinn made his first talk show appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Quinn has swiftly become a darling in the entertainment scene after his relatable and tragic performance as good-hearted punk Eddie Munson in the latest season of Stranger Things.

Ahead of his appearance on the show, however, Quinn experienced a brief detainment by customs officers who didn’t recognize him and wanted to know why he was in the United States, leading to a strange, but ultimately amusing interaction.

“I was taken into, I guess what you could call it, was more of a dungeon,” Quinn told Fallon. “And I was asked to wait there for about 20 minutes and then I was summoned to this desk where someone asked me, ‘What are you doing in the United States, Sir?’”

“Well I’m actually here to meet Jimmy Fallon on ‘The Tonight Show,’” Quinn continued. “And he didn’t believe me. And one of his colleagues looked over at me, looked at him, and said: ‘Leave Eddie alone.’”

The first agent had not recognized Quinn at first, but when he realized he was Eddie Munson, the interaction took on an interesting tone.

“He was like, ‘Do you come back next season?’” Quinn said. “I said, ‘I don’t know.’ He’s like, ‘You better.’ Gave me the passport.”

While a bit of an intimidating moment, Quinn has said that it makes him happy to see people resonating with his character. “I think it’s probably the fact that he’s an outsider, a little bit kind of on the fringes of society,” said Quinn. “It’s so moving to see how much he means to people.”

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