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Teen Sets World Record for Longest Legs

Teen Sets World Record for Longest Legs

Credit: Trish Currin

She’s standing on top of the world.

Maci Currin is, for all intents and purposes, a completely normal teenager living in Cedar Park, Texas. She does have one very distinctive characteristic, though: she’s six-foot-ten, and the majority of that titanic height is concentrated in her legs. She always knew she was a bit taller than her peers, but didn’t think much of it until she submitted herself to the Guinness Book of World Records as a joke. Turns out her legs aren’t just long, they’re the longest legs on a woman or teenager in the world.

“I was honestly shocked,” Maci told People Magazine. “I submitted to try and break it kind of for a joke. I never thought I would actually break the record. So when I found out that I actually could do it and I actually did it, I was really shocked.”

Maci had her legs measured on three separate occasions by a doctor and assembled an average length for each as proof for her Guinness submission. Her left leg is 53.25 inches long, while her right leg is 52.87 inches long.

Credit: Trish Currin

“Being tall is probably the greatest gift,” Maci said. “You’ve got to embrace it, and you’ve got to just roll with it. Because you’re not getting any shorter.”

Maci was picked on as a child for her high height, with bullies calling her names like “giraffe” and “daddy long legs.” She has since turned those jeers around and begun owning her status as a tall person, with help from her supportive friends and family. In an effort to help tall folks like herself feel more empowered, she runs her own TikTok account, delivering advice and messages of positivity to anyone who reaches out to her. This has become quite the prolific venture, with her account amassing over 2 million followers.

“With my TikTok, I really want to inspire other tall girls, that’s really the main thing,” she says. “People reach out with their stories, and message me, ‘Hey, I’m this height, I’m insecure. Can you give me advice?’ I’ve just made so many friends with other girls who are inspired by me, and it’s amazing.”

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