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Sylvester Stallone to Voice Rambo in ‘Mortal Kombat 11’

Sylvester Stallone to Voice Rambo in ‘Mortal Kombat 11’

Credit: Warner Bros./Netherrealm/Sony

The action veteran will reprise his role for an awesome cameo.

Warner Bros. and Netherrealm’s Mortal Kombat 11 has gathered quite the cast of late 80s, early 90s standbys in its various DLC characters. The Joker, voiced appropriately by Mark Hamil, comic book antihero Spawn, the T-800 Terminator with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face (though sadly not his voice), and even the original Robocop, Peter Weller. With the announcement of the next pack of DLC fighters earlier today, not only are we receiving yet another familiar face of entertainment days gone by, but we’ve even got the face and voice to match.

Warner Bros. revealed the next “Kombat Pack” for Mortal Kombat 11 featuring three new characters. Two of the arrivals are mainstays of the Mortal Kombat series: the toothy temptress Mileena and water-slinging prince, Rain. The big highlight of the pack, though, is none other John Rambo of 1982’s First Blood, the movie that put Sylvester Stallone on the map. However, unlike Arnold’s absence from the Terminator role, Stallone wasn’t one to let his classic character go without his classic voice.

Sony revealed on the official PlayStation blog that Stallone himself will be providing the in-game voice for Rambo. “Playing as Rambo is like time-traveling back with Kronika to 1982. Our character artists have perfectly captured Rambo’s look from ‘First Blood,’” Sony said. “Of course, having Sylvester Stallone voice one of his most iconic characters is an absolute thrill. We worked hard to make sure that every line of dialogue was true to the Rambo that fans know and love.”

Credit: Warner Bros./Netherrealm/Sony

Rambo’s look in Mortal Kombat 11 is primarily inspired by his original appearance in First Blood, but with a few adjustments based on his later appearances peppered about. Not to worry, though; his most important aspects, those being his red headband and giant machine gun and ammo bandolier, are perfectly intact.

The new Kombat Pack is set to release on November 17. Pre-orders will open next Thursday, though there’s no word yet on how much it’ll cost. Alongside the release of pack will come a big overhaul patch for the game that’ll improve load times, touch up the visuals, and add 4k dynamic resolution.

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