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Research States Greenland Ice Melting to Raise Sea Level By a Foot

Research States Greenland Ice Melting to Raise Sea Level By a Foot

Credit: Unsplash

The study states that a rising sea level is officially inevitable.

For several years now, climate scientists have been monitoring the effects of global climate change on the various ice masses of the northern continents. Greenland in particular has proven a cause for concern, as its various glaciers have been noted to be melting at a disconcerting rate, depositing large quantities of extra water into the ocean. While the impetus for various green programs has been to halt this mass-melting, according to a new study, it may be too late.

According to a study from the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, based on current climate trends and trajectories, melting glaciers in Greenland will result in a global sea level rise of approximately 10 inches to a foot in the near future. At this point, the climate has risen high enough that, even if every country in the world were to simultaneously stop producing greenhouse gasses, the glaciers would still melt too fast to prevent this rise.

For reference, if all of the glaciers in Greenland were to melt away completely, it would raise the global sea level by roughly 25 feet in total. That would be more than enough to drastically alter coastal topography, not to mention make most coastal communities completely uninhabitable. While this current bout of melting is apparently set in stone, climate researchers are still adamant that the worst damage can still be averted if climate-compliant policies are swiftly adopted worldwide.

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