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Poll Shows Majority Support for Roe v. Wade

Poll Shows Majority Support for Roe v. Wade

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A majority of Americans are in favor of Constitutionally-protected abortion.

The United States Supreme Court is currently in the midst of hearings from Texas and Mississippi legislators that have sought ways to either go around the protections set by the historical Roe v. Wade ruling that declared abortion to be a Constitution-protected right. Mississippi in particular has been calling on the court to overturn Roe v. Wade entirely, and the court will be hearing their case in detail at the beginning of December.

In light of these ongoing proceedings, The Washington Post and ABC conducted a joint poll from November 7 to November 10 to determine the public’s feelings on Roe v. Wade and constitutionally-protected abortion. According to their findings, about 60% of Americans believe that the ruling should be upheld, 27% believe the Supreme Court should overturn it. In terms of demographics, about 45% of Republicans want the ruling overturned, while 42% believe it should be upheld. A vast majority of Democrats, about 82%, believe the ruling should be upheld, as well as 58% of Independents. The poll also factored gender into their demographics, finding that 64% of women and 56% of men were more likely to vote to uphold.

On the subject of abortion in general, 75% of respondents said that the matter should exclusively be decided by the person in question and their doctor, while 20% said that it should be a state-regulated matter. As one of the major impetuses behind Texas’ case to the Supreme Court is its own controversial abortion law, which bans all abortions after six weeks and deputizes citizens to report those who seek or obtain abortions, the poll also checked how many people were in favor of this law. According to the results, 65% of people said that the Supreme Court should strike down Texas’ law, while 29% said it should be upheld as is.

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