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New Japanese Burger King Offering Raises Eyebrows

New Japanese Burger King Offering Raises Eyebrows

Credit: Unsplash

I like burgers plenty, but this seems a tad much.

Compared to the likes of McDonald’s, I can never quite get a grasp on Burger King’s collective personality. Sometimes they just seem like another fast food chain, hocking burgers and fries, and then sometimes they throw you a curveball. 2020’s especially curveball-y for Burger Kings outside of the United States; Japan got the “Fake Whopper,” which was just a bunch of fries between two buns, and in Taiwan, you could get a Whopper with chocolate sauce on it. I guess those were a little too strange, because Burger King has once again decided to venture in a different direction, though once again, they went a little too crazy with it.

Japanese Burger King locations are now offering the (and I swear this is the real name) “Extreme Super One Pound Beef Burger.” Now, from the name alone, you may assume it’s just a regular burger with a really big patty. You sir, are thinking in reverse. The ESOPBB is in fact four burger patties sandwiching the usual Whopper fixings like lettuce, tomato, and onions. There is not a single trace of bread upon this sandwich, which kind of makes me wonder if you can even still call it a sandwich.

Reactions to this culinary mystery on Twitter have run the gamut from amused onlooking to outright disgust, with one user claiming the contents of the sandwich are “enough for a family of four.”

As with any bizarre promotional item, it’s also drawn plenty of food photographers who just had to go and try it themselves. Those who have tried it say it tastes good, which, yeah, I’m sure it does taste good, but I wouldn’t want to look at the nutrition label.

The ESOPBB is currently available at Japanese locations for 1,400 yen a pop. That’s about $13.50, which is a lot for a fast food item, but I guess it’s good beef? Maybe? Hopefully?

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