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Michael Conforto Secures Major Win for Mets

Michael Conforto Secures Major Win for Mets

Credit: Unsplash

Even the Mets can score a big win once in a while.

Growing up a Mets fan provides one with certain perspectives in life. For example, if you never have any expectations, then you can never be disappointed. Though, to put a slightly less miserable spin on that, if you don’t expect anything, it becomes all the more surprising when something good finally comes your way. Last night, one of those rare moments happened as Michael Conforto brought the Mets to victory, and an overwhelming one at that.

In the ninth inning of last night’s game between the Mets and the Marlins at Citi Field, Conforto was absolutely on fire, slamming two singles and a double. His real shining moment came in the ninth, however, when he made a tumbling near-miss catch off a powerful right field line drive from Joe Panik. The crowd absolutely erupted in applause (which is much better than what it usually erupts in at Citi Field), and Conforto, seemingly overcome with emotion, held his hat to his heart and waved in appreciation.

“It all hit me towards the end of the game,” Conforto said after the game. “Making that play and hearing the reaction from the fans, just a lot going on from when I’m standing out there, fans cheering my name and telling me, ‘Don’t go.’ It really was a special night for me. It’s tough to put into words. But the emotions were definitely there. I tried to fight it as best I could. But when you got a crowd like that supporting you, it’s a great feeling.”

This could very well be Conforto’s last game at Citi Field, as the team has not yet extended him another qualifying offer, nor has he decided whether or not to take one. After that performance, though, it’s safe to say there are at least a few fans who’d like him to stick around.

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