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‘Justice League’ ‘Snyder Cut’ Dated for March

‘Justice League’ ‘Snyder Cut’ Dated for March

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A month and half before you can see the movie in its original state.

Boy, 2017 feels like it was eons ago, doesn’t it? One more thing to blame 2020 for, I guess. Anywho, back when Warner Bros. released Justice League in 2017, a lot of fans that were looking forward to a darker, more intense picture, courtesy of director Zack Snyder, were disappointed by the generally lighter film that arose from Joss Whedon’s editing direction. In the years since, fans have been hounding Warner Bros. for a release of the “Snyder Cut,” the original four-hour-long cut of Justice League with all of Snyder’s original intentions left intact. Back in May, it was announced that the Snyder Cut would finally be releasing as an exclusive for HBO Max, though we didn’t have a date. Guess what? We have a date.

Zack Snyder, once again taking the helm on announcements, formally revealed the Snyder Cut’s release date on his personal Twitter. The film will be available for streaming on HBO Max exclusively on March 18, 2021, just a month and a half away. With the current buzz around WandaVision and the upcoming release of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, both on Disney+, it’ll be a strong time for releasing anything superhero-related. Of course, A: those shows are Marvel heroes, which seem to do consistently better than DC properties, and B: as previously mentioned, the Snyder Cut is allegedly around four hours long. Though, then again, if people can binge four episodes of a mini-series, I guess a four-hour movie isn’t that strange, at least not when you’re watching it from home.

Speaking of, the Snyder Cut is part of Warner Bros.’ big push to release all of its major 2021 films on HBO Max simultaneously alongside theater premiers. After they made that announcement in December, AT&T recorded a major boost to HBO Max subscriber counts in their most recent earnings reports.

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