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John Cena Discusses Work on ‘Peacemaker’

John Cena Discusses Work on ‘Peacemaker’

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The wrestler-turned-actor is having a great time making his new show.

While opinions on the Suicide Squad films have often been a bit… divisive, the actors who portrayed the titular Squad seem to genuinely enjoy doing so. Or at least, WWE star John Cena genuinely enjoys his role as the forceful vigilante Peacemaker. Cena’s new Peacemaker series, set in the same canon as the Suicide Squad films, is premiering on HBO Max tomorrow, and if you ask Cena himself, making the show has been a great experience.

“It’s great. It’s the first time I’ve ever taken an IP or a character into an extended look besides WWE’s John Cena,” Cena said in an interview with “So that’s really fun, to be able to embrace the patience of not having to rush through everything in an hour and 45 minutes to two and a half hours. It’s a different approach, but it’s one that I like because I like being able to take a breath and soak in the nuances of what it might be going on. So it is a different approach, but it’s one that I prefer.”

While Peacemaker is currently only on track for a single season of eight episodes, series writer and creator James Gunn is confident there’s enough they can do with the character to make another season happen.

“We weren’t going to make even a first season, unless James felt like he could do something unique that was not like anything else on television,” producer Peter Safran said in a separate interview. “I don’t think there’s going to be a season two unless James can come up with the creative on it that would really flip the script, that would really be something different. He really does not want to repeat himself ever. And I do know that working with John and the rest of the crew and cast was such a special experience for James. He loved every minute of it. So if we could figure out the creative, I would hope there would be a second season.”

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