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Alex Trebek’s Hometown to Honor Him with a Memorial

Alex Trebek’s Hometown to Honor Him with a Memorial

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The Canadian city of Greater Sudbury wants to honor the television legend.

On Sunday, Alex Trebek, beloved TV personality and host of Jeopardy since 1984, passed at the age of 80 from stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Social media has been abuzz with names big and small remembering Trebek and his monumental contribution to television, modern pop culture, and their own daily lives. Up in Canada, though, a particular Mayor is looking to remember Trebek in a more concrete fashion.

Greater Sudbury, Ontario, is Alex Trebek’s hometown, and it has never stopped being proud of him. To that end, the city’s Mayor, Brian Bigger, has been considering a public installation to memorialize Trebek and all that he accomplished. In a statement to TMZ, Mayor Bigger explained that he had been fielding ideas over social media for the last couple of days for some kind of public monument.

Suggestions have ranged from a custom art piece, mural, or statue in a public space to placing Trebek’s name on a new public library that will be constructed in the next couple of years. Bigger has not yet decided on a project, but he will be speaking to the Greater Sudbury city council at their next meeting to make a more concrete plan. However, no plans will be put into motion without the explicit go-ahead from Trebek’s family, whom Bigger has not yet contacted in order to give them time to grieve.

In the meantime, Bigger took to his personal Twitter to deliver a brief memorial for Trebek. “Alex Trebek enjoyed international stardom while still maintaining that northern charm and spirit that followed him wherever he went. Millions of people welcomed him into their homes every night for decades yet when meeting him, you truly felt like he was an old family friend,” his thread read. “Alex was an amazing ambassador for Greater Sudbury and was truly responsible for putting our city on the map for the world to know. He was loved, respected and he will be missed. However, his legacy and memory will long be part of Greater Sudbury’s proud history.”

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