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USPS Reveals New Truck Design

USPS Reveals New Truck Design

Credit: Unsplash

Some find it cute, others find it fugly.

The US Postal Service has been driving its current model of mail truck for pretty much as long as anyone can remember. It’s gotten to the point that the sound of sputtering engines and rickety metal frames has become synonymous with the day’s mail delivery. As the USPS has come under increased scrutiny in recent months, the need for new trucks has become much more pressing, both to more efficiently deliver mail, and due to the fact that the current trucks have no air conditioning and are prone to bursting into flames. Of course, as is often the case in the world of upgrades, sometimes they require a bit of an… adjustment period.

The USPS unveiled a mock-up of their new generation mail truck today, featuring a newly-developed design courtesy of Wisconsin manufacturer Oshkosh. This new mail truck features an impressive loadout of bells and whistles, including (but not limited to) built-in air conditioning, 360 safety cameras, fittings for both gas and electric engines, and increased cargo and window space. It’s a lovely vehicle on the inside, though the outside has drawn a few head tilts.

In a straw poll held by Politico transportation reporter Sam Mintz on Twitter, 59.99% of respondents called the new model an “ugly duckling,” versus the 40.1% calling it “sleek and cool.” Twitter uses have drawn numerous comparisons to the new model and the characters from the Disney/Pixar film Cars, though many users have also called the vehicle “cute” for that same reason.

Whatever the consensus on the new model is, the USPS seems committed to getting it out on the street, projecting a rollout for sometime in 2023.

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