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Ross Chastain Hits McDonald’s During Daytona Delay

Ross Chastain Hits McDonald’s During Daytona Delay

Credit: Unsplash

If it’s not race time, it’s dinner time.

The Daytona 500 ran yesterday at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida, featuring the usual stable of skilled drivers with a collective need for speed. They were all ready for a real barn-burner of a race, but after only 15 laps, the race had to be suddenly stopped. Why? Well, maybe the torrential rain, thunder, and lightning had something to do with it. The race organizers were forced to delay the official start of the race to 9 PM, leaving the racers without a whole lot to do until then. Well, there was one thing to do: hit the Golden Arches.

While everyone was waiting, NASCAR driver Ross Chastain decided to do his team a solid and hit the local McDonald’s to pick up dinner for everyone. He hit the drive-through in his personal Chevrolet, and when he pulled up to the window, the young lady on duty was absolutely floored by his presence, letting out a surprised scream (in a good way).

“You just came from the race track?” the woman asked in a video of the encounter posted on Twitter by Chip Ganassi Racing.

“Yeah! We’re racing, whenever it stops raining,” Chastain exclaimed, adding that he competes in the McDonald’s-sponsored car 42.

The young lady quickly filled Chastain’s order, handing him three paper bags and confirming that he had ordered, in her words, “six of everything.”

“We’re feeding the whole crew!” Chastain exclaimed. He also got a hot fudge sundae with his order, which he immediately clarified belonged to him and no one else.

The video became a viral hit, earning a retweet from the official McDonald’s Twitter that read “it’s the way he says I race the McDonald’s car for me,” along with an emoji crying little tears of joy.

Sadly, Chastain didn’t end up winning the race once it finally got started, but if you asked his crew, they’d probably say he was the real victor of the evening.

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