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Patrick Mahomes Takes the Heat for Chiefs Loss

Patrick Mahomes Takes the Heat for Chiefs Loss

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Mahomes blamed his turnovers for the loss.

Sunday night was another rough go for the Kansas City Chiefs, who lost their game against the Buffalo Bills on their home turf 38-20. While precise reasons for the loss vary depending on who you ask, the Chiefs’ quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, is taking things personally.

“It starts with me,” Mahomes said. “It’s something I’ve not usually done in my career, but I have to reevaluate where I’m at, what decisions I’m making.

“I’ve been a crazier player as far as scrambling and making throws. But in my career I’ve never been someone who throws a lot of interceptions. I have to look at it now, reevaluate what I’m doing, and I have to cut it out.”

Over the course of the game, Mahomes threw two interceptions and lost a fumble, taking responsibility for three of the team’s four turnovers during the game. That brings Mahomes three-game total to six turnovers, five of which were interceptions, a rather bad look for a quarterback.

“We weren’t on the same page with the receivers and where they were going and with Pat,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. “Gotta do better with that. Got to make sure that takes place.”

“We know we can do better on turnovers, big plays — I know what we are capable of,” Reid added. “I see that. We just have to get that done.”

Mahomes is overall at a low point in his career, with only 2.67 touchdowns for every every interception on his record, though it still isn’t as bad as his 2018 season where he was at 4.17 touchdowns versus interceptions.

“We know we have what it takes to be great,” Mahomes said. “It’s a matter of coming together now and finding a way to do that.”

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