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Mekhi Becton Likely Out for the Season with Knee Injury

Mekhi Becton Likely Out for the Season with Knee Injury

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The Jets’ right offensive is down with a chip fracture.

Recently, during the New York Jets’ practice session, the team’s right offensive tackle, Mekhi Becton, suffered an injury to his knee, resulting in a visible limp. In spite of this, Becton continued to play, where he was injured again after being knocked back by defensive end John Franklin-Myers. Following this, Becton sought medical treatment, and while the initial diagnosis seemed positive, an MRI revealed a chip fracture in his right kneecap.

This injury will more than likely bench Becton for the entire rest of the season. Becton is expected to receive surgery for his knee for the second time in less than a year. In spite of this, Coach Robert Saleh insisted that Becton will be back and ready to play after his recovery.

During a press conference, Saleh was asked why Becton wasn’t benched after the first injury at practice. “Hindsight is 20/20. We can play that game, for sure,” he said, adding that it was “going to take a little while for his knee to get going.”

“These are young men and sometimes, with social media in this world, we dehumanize these athletes in the worst way imaginable,” Saleh said in Becton’s defense. “Mekhi has walked in this building and he has taken every single punch you can get from every which way, and he shows up, and he works his tail off and he grinds every single day.

“He shows up to camp and he’s fighting to get himself back in shape. He’s got videos of him vomiting, and people are throwing shade. And he’s limping … and he’s fighting for his family and himself, for his teammates, for this organization, for this fan base. He’s doing everything, and then everybody wants to drop him like a wet rag. That ain’t the case. We love Mekhi.”

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