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Los Angeles Angels Tie for Unfortunate League Record

Los Angeles Angels Tie for Unfortunate League Record

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The Angels are the second team to hit seven home runs in a game in still lose.

It’s always fun to hear about your favorite baseball team setting a new Major League Baseball record. Unfortunately, setting a record isn’t an inherently positive thing, as there are some records that more embarrassing than exciting. Case in point, yesterday the Los Angeles Angels set a rather unfortunate record.

During Thursday’s game against the Oakland Athletics, the Angels hit an impressive total of seven home runs throughout the game. In spite of this, though, they still ended up losing the game 8-7. The Angels are only the second team in the entire league to set this particular anti-milestone, tied with the 2016 Chicago White Sox.

“I guess they always say solo home runs don’t beat you, but you feel like if you hit seven, you might. It didn’t work out for us,” Angels interim manager Phil Nevin said after the game.

“Today was a little bit of a different baseball game than I have probably been a part of. It is a very interesting box score,” Oakland manager Mark Kotsay said. “I’m happy that our eight held up, and we were able to get a win.

“The goal is to win the game and score more runs. Solo home runs at the end of the day are nice, but they don’t necessarily always help you win games.”

The Angels themselves are trying to look at the game in a positive light, noting that seven solo homers is still something to be proud of. “It’s obviously a positive thing. I would have liked to get the win, but you know, offensively we’ve been needing to pick it up a little bit. So it was a positive sign,” said Angels right fielder Taylor Ward.

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