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Lionel Messi Sets Men’s Soccer Goals Record

Lionel Messi Sets Men’s Soccer Goals Record

Credit: Unsplash

Messi has scored 79 goals across 153 games.

Lionel Messi has become one of the biggest names in soccer in the entire world. How big is he? I don’t even follow soccer, and even I know what a big deal he is. As of today, he’s managed to become an even bigger deal than he already was by beating a record previously held by one of the greatest soccer players of all time, Brazil’s Pelé.

In Argentina’s recent game against Bolivia, Messi scored a 3-0 shutout, not only securing the Copa América for Argentina, but raising his total score count to 79 goals across 153 games. That’s a new record, breaking Pelé’s record of 77 goals across 91 games.

“I was really looking forward to enjoying this. I waited a long time for this, I looked for it and I dreamed it. It’s a unique moment for how it came about, after waiting so long,” Messi said as he hefted the first Copa América trophy Argentina’s ever won.

“There’s no better way to celebrate it than being here. My mom and my brothers were in the stands … they suffered a lot and, today, they’re here celebrating. I’m so happy.”

Messi recently left his longtime position with Barcelona to join up with Paris Saint-Germain, and this recent victory has proven just how lucky they were to bag him.

“It’s good for French football, for the league, for the media, for the spectators,” AS Monaco midfielder and Messi’s former Barcelona teammate Cesc Fàbregas told CNN. “I think everyone is really excited about it. Obviously, he’s an icon wherever he goes. I think it was also unexpected so that makes it even better.”

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