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Houston Astros Win Game 5 of World Series

Houston Astros Win Game 5 of World Series

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The Astros are bringing the series back to Houston for one more game.

Sunday night saw Game 5 of the 2021 MLB World Series. This year’s World Series is between the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves. The Astros were teetering on the precipice of elimination, as with the series score at an unfavorable 3-1, the Braves only needed to win one more game to clinch the World Series, which would be their first World Series victory since 1995. However, as they say, never try to fight a cornered animal, because the Astros weren’t content to let them have this one.

The early innings were rocky for the Astros as the Braves’ center fielder Adam Duvall hit a devastating first-inning Grand Slam, only the ninth in postseason history. In the fourth inning, the Astros found their wind, tying things up at 4-4. The Braves pulled ahead once again with a single-run Homer, but the Astros were already in the groove, with catcher Martin Maldonado bringing in three runs and Marwin Gonzalez landing a decisive single. Ultimately, the Astros clenched the game with a tidy 9-5 victory.

With the series score now at 3-2, the game is returning to the Astros’ home turf in Houston for Game 6. The Astros are still in the danger zone, as the Braves only need one win to clear the best of seven. The odds aren’t in their favor, as statistically speaking, the team leading a 3-2 World Series score comes out on top around 69% of the time. If the Astros want to take home the championship, they’ll need to win the next two games back to back.

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