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David Price Will Pay Minor-League Dodgers Himself

David Price Will Pay Minor-League Dodgers Himself

Credit: Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

In a major good-guy move, Price will give every player $1,000.

Minor league baseball players in a pretty rough patch right now. Due to a lack of game attendance caused by the pandemic, minor leaguers’ salaries are nearly kaput, which is unfortunately a fairly common problem for them, but we’ll get to that later. In order to keep everyone on staff, the Major League has been providing minor leaguers with financial assistance in the form of $400 a week. However, that financial aid is set to expire at the end of May. Some teams will maintain the minor leaguers’ assistance, but for exactly how long is anyone’s guess. Even if they do, it’s pretty tough for people to live on $400 a week, especially if they have families. One prolific player decided he wasn’t satisfied with this, and is taking matters into his own hands.

According to Francys Romero, Dodgers pitcher David Price is planning to pay $1,000 to every Dodgers minor league player who isn’t on the roster during June. This money isn’t coming from any outside sources; it’s all out of his own pocket.

As of much of a good guy move as this is on Price’s part, fans and analysts have agreed that it definitely should not have to fall to him to keep the minor leaguers afloat. The League’s treatment of its minor league players has drawn some pretty harsh criticism of their financial practices. Neither the League nor individual team owners have commented on the matter as of yet.

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