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Chris Taylor Hits 3 Homers Against Braves

Chris Taylor Hits 3 Homers Against Braves

Credit: Unsplash

Taylor kept the Dodgers in the running with an impressive showing.

Last night was Game 5 of the Dodgers and Braves’ best of seven series, and the Dodgers needed a miracle. After a good showing in the first game, they came up empty on Games 2-4 as it seemed like the Braves were on the fast track to a near-clean sweep. However, much to spectators’ surprise, the Dodgers came out on top, beating the Braves 11 to 2, with the star of the show being outfielder Chris Taylor.

Taylor wasn’t even in the Dodgers’ starting lineup at the start of the season, yet in this game he was an absolute monster, belting three home runs and driving in 6 runs in total. Taylor has become the first player in the history of the MLB postseason to hit three homers in a potential elimination game, a oddly specific record, but a record nonetheless.

“It’s definitely a surreal feeling,” Taylor said after the game. “I never thought I was going to hit three homers in a game, let alone a postseason game.”

“The highlights are going to be there the rest of his life,” Dodgers first baseman Albert Pujols said. “That’s something you’re going to share forever.”

Taylor has often been viewed as he teammates as something of secret weapon, packing impressive offensive and defensive capability in dire situations. In spite of his skill, though, he’s apparently a pretty quiet guy off the plate. “He’s very soft spoken and doesn’t get easily excited,” said centerfielder AJ Pollock. “The only thing that excites him, I’ve seen, is he likes to have a beer. He gets excited about that, a beer with the boys, and then he loves watching surfing. Maybe the three home runs today might have spiked his adrenaline, but probably not. Most likely just the beer and watching surfing.”

The series is now 3-2, with the next game taking place on the Braves’ turf.

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