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Cardi B Squashes Rumors of Abusive Relationship with Offset

Cardi B Squashes Rumors of Abusive Relationship with Offset

Credit: MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images

The rap star has insisted their relationship is fine.

Last month, rapper Cardi B filed for divorce with her husband rapper Offset. It was a pretty big deal; nobody was quite sure what exactly Offset did that prompted Cardi to break things off, but she seemed pretty fed up with him, saying that their relationship was “irretrievably broken,” and there are “no prospects for a reconciliation.” Just the other day, though, she announced that she and Offset were officially back together because she missed talking to him and having, well, you-know-what with him.

Fans of Cardi have taken to Twitter to question her decision and warn her that Offset will hurt her again. The phrase “mentally abusive relationship” has been used frequently, and it seems Cardi is officially angry. She tweeted up a storm today to shut down rumors that her relationship with Offset is anything but solid.

“Imma just give ya a apology because ya want me to apologize for living MY LIFE the way that ya live YOURS,” she tweeted sarcastically. “I’m sorry. I’m not perfect I don’t want to be neither.” In response to one fan who told her that she deserves better, Cardi tweeted “I deserve w.e I want to HAVE!”


Despite Cardi’s insistences, some sources allegedly close to the couple have said she’s been wishy-washy with Offset. “Cardi changes her mind every day whether she wants to be with Offset or not,” an anonymous source told E! News. “She will complain about him for days on end and then snap out of it and want him back. She says they are back together right now, but could change at any moment. She’s going with the flow and hasn’t made any formal decisions on withdrawing her divorce filing yet. Divorce is still on the table.”

For his part, Offset has apparently been trying to be nice to Cardi and showering her with presents. “He’s been on his best behavior and doesn’t want to lose her again,” the anonymous source said. “Offset has been showering her with gifts—specifically extravagant jewelry—and has really stepped up his game recently with his communication. Cardi has her guard up but is enjoying the quality time with him.”

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