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Ben Simmons Wants Out of the 76ers

Ben Simmons Wants Out of the 76ers

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Simmons has no plans to attend the next training camp.

Ben Simmons, point guard for the Philadelphia 76ers and a big part of their offensive lineup, has been in a bit of an awkward spot since the last playoffs. During the second round of the playoffs, the 76ers lost to the Atlanta Hawks, and Simmons’ lack of initiative on the offensive end, from passing up dunks to throwing only a handful of shots, has left him looking a bit wishy-washy. The 76ers coach, Doc Rivers, even said out loud that he wasn’t sure if Simmons was qualified to be a championship-level point guard. With all that baggage weighing him down, it seems Simmons has finally decided to make a break.

During a team meeting last week, Simmons officially informed the owners of the team, including co-managing partner Josh Harris, president of basketball operations Daryl Morey, general manager Elton Brand and Doc Rivers, that he wanted to be traded elsewhere. He also has no intention of attending the team’s next training camp.

While representatives of the team have not officially commented on whether they’ll keep Simmons on board, rumors have already begun to circulate on where they could potentially send him, and more importantly, who they could get in return. Of course, the now-public friction between Simmons and the team will likely throw a monkey wrench into any efforts they make to get a good trading deal.

“Think about three months ago when the Sixers are willing to give up Ben Simmons. You are like, ‘Let’s see what we have to do to get him,'” a Western Conference executive told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Now, the difference is Ben Simmons says he refuses to play for the Sixers. He wants to go to three California teams. There’s so much bad blood between him and the team.”

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