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Facebook Meta Watch Rumored to have Camera Notch

Facebook Meta Watch Rumored to have Camera Notch

Credit: Unsplash

One more way for Facebook to stare at you.

Facebook- or, sorry, I guess we’re calling it “Meta” now? I can guarantee my mom and dad are not going to remember that, nor will most of Facebook’s userbase care. Anywho, Meta has made some minor technological advancements in recent years, thanks in part to their acquisition of companies like Oculus. With the notion of the “Metaverse” still off on the horizon, though, Meta still has to develop technology for us folks here in the real world. One piece of tech they’re working on is a new smartwatch with a rather distinctive feature that separates it from its contemporaries.

According to some images that leaked of the new Meta Watch (not to be confused with the ones the kids in Medabots wore), the device will feature a small camera notch right under its touch screen. The images were discovered in the companion app for Ray-Ban Stories sunglasses, where the watch is apparently codenamed “Milan.”

The existence of this new iteration of smartwatch first began circulating back in June, where it was believed that the device would possess a detachable rear camera. This front-facing camera, if rumors are to be believed, will allow for 1080p resolution video calling, as well as various facial recognition gimmicks. It’ll probably also take pictures, but I guess that’s a given.

Facebook/Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has previously made his distaste known for the other major smartwatches on the market, produced by tech giants like Google, Samsung, or Apple. Zuckerberg has called those watches “closed platforms,” also taking a quick snipe at Apple for allegedly costing them their Q4 revenue goals due to ad-tracking.

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